Monday, February 19, 2007

Business Plan program for Agents

I figured if anyone knew, it would be you. I am looking for a decent, but not expensive Business Plan program for Agents, that doesn't involve an annual fee. Annual fee, can't understand that one. Anyway...let me know what you've seen in your travels.


Is great to hear from you.
I never understood the annual fee thing either.

What type of program are you looking for?
Does it specifically have to be for real estate agents?
A fill in the blanks?
Or are you looking for an outline?

Experience shows that most of the business planning programs are great for getting everything on paper, just not really that great for getting it into action, you probably already know that.

I never really liked the fill in the blank type because all your doing is filling in some one else's blanks.

I have had this same conversation with many agents and loan officers over the years.
The question they ask is usually the same "I need a good business planning program”
The real question they are asking is “I need a plan of action”
I believe the best program for this is your own mind... It is the most powerful computer that we will ever have.

I would like to suggest that is you don't already have a personal mission statement that you start with one.
(Here part of my personal mission statement, my guiding principals Letter To My Readers )

I have always found that once you know where you want to be personally it much easier to figure out the business part.

You like me want to succeed in our chosen paths, and the ultimate goal really is to have a happy and rewarding personal life.

This is how I start.
Begin with the end in mind.
(See What Are Your Numbers? )

Where do I see myself 10 years from now?
I see it in my minds eye, not just a picture; I see myself living it as if I was actually in the picture.
Once I see the picture or the movie in my minds eye I write it down.

Don't think you can make pictures or movies?
Close your eyes and think about your childhood bedroom.
What color are the walls? What does the bed look like? What toys are around the room? Did it smell like playdough?
That's a picture.
Everyone makes pictures; some people just make them so fast that they don't even know that they are doing it.

That's how I start.

Next I rewind the movie; I rewind it past the starting point. (Isn’t the mind a great thing?)
While doing this jot I down everything that i can see / hear / feel.

Where do I see myself 7 years from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 5 years from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 3 years from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 2 years from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 1 year from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 6 months from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 3 months from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 1 month from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself 1 week from now? Rewind
Where do I see myself tomorrow? Stop

Some times you may have to replay and rewind some of the movies or pictures over again.

What do I want to do tomorrow to start my vision for the next 10 years?

What you really want is a vision, then a plan of action.

Once you have you personal mission statement and your vision the next thing you need is a plan of action.

What actions do I need to take to get to my intimate goal in 10 years?

What systems and strategies am I going to put in place to accomplish this?
Write it all down... That’s your business plan... Your plan of action.

I here is one of my older Vision / Business Plans

If you would like some other samples or need additional ideas and strategies to get you to your ultimate goal give me a call or an email.

Your Trusted Advisor For Life
Jeffrey Stanton

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