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Are you taking control of your career or is someone else doing the driving?

Wednesday April 18, 2007
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Dear Friends,

Would you like to take control of your career?

Imagine how you would feel to be "in charge" rather than feel like you're subject to the currents of the market.

Wouldn't you be happier?

As human beings we were not meant to be acted upon.

It's frustrating when we don't feel as if we have some control over our own environment.

As markets change, our ability to adapt and thrive is critical. It's in our nature. We often think our ability in successfully adapting to any changing environment is found within us.

We think we have to work different, work harder, work this way or that way. It's a lot of effort.

I've heard it said, "pain drives change."

In part this is true. But there's something even more fundamental to taking control of your career. Something that lasts well beyond any one or two markets cycles.

Maybe the answer isn't found in our business world, maybe the answer to our adaptation is found in Biology class.

Yes, Biology.

Why do some sales professionals survive and thrive while others, equally intelligent, experienced, hard working and knowledgeable, struggle and never reach their potential.

Many even fail.

When markets become more challenging it appears to me that fewer people are doing more of the business which makes for more people doing less.

There seem to be a large number of unhappy salespeople in the business?
Are there?
How do I know?
The same reason you know.

I have been in conversation with a large enough business population over the past several years, in a variety of real estate and financial service industries, to make this assessment.

Are you ready for this?

How do you take control of your career?

Here's it is.

Businesses or individuals who are in regular and long term contact with a referral network of past customers, current clients, potential customers, referral alliances, friends, family, neighbors, personal and business associates are most likely to be successful and thrive in any changing market.

It's that simple.

Of course there are exceptions. There are always those individuals that reach the top of their field no matter what but do they all survive the changes?
Maybe Bob Dylan can speak to that.
"the order is rapidly fadin' and the first one now, will later be last for the times they are a-changin"

And they never stop changing.

You've heard the "80/20 Rule." Eighty percent of the business is done by twenty percent of the people. I believe it's now closer to 90/10.

Whenever a market goes through serious changes the polarity in the marketplace will effect the polarity in the productivity percentages.

How are those surviving and thriving doing it?

In Biology it's referred to as "Requisite Variety." This means, in part, that any species that is going to survive has to have the greatest variety of options to adapt to any changing conditions.

Reducing your options reduces your chances to survive. Inability to adapt results in extinction.

As a metaphor, our ability to survive any changing market is in the number or "variety" of people who know us, like us and trust us, know what we do and how we help others, and are in a position to refer us should an opportunity arise.

Your "Requisite Variety" is in your referral network.

It's in the biology of our relationships in our referral business.

Referrals are all about relationships.

It's in the number of people who know you, like you trust you, know what you do and how you have helped others.

Working harder, working different, responds to the immediacies of the market.

Your "Requisite Variety" is your database, your referral network, your referral alliance, your referral advocates.

This speaks to your career. That's how you take control.

It amazes me as to the number of sales professionals and businesses that fail to stay in touch with all those who have bought, could buy again, and tell others about you and your service.

How do you stay in touch?

These are called "Situational Stories." They are short, sweet and informative. They are common place and ordinary. They tell a story.

This simple and effective email contact is one of the many sent out by a friend and business associate of mine, and with his permission, I'm using this as an example of how he stays in touch with his customers, clients and referral network.

This week's tip is both what to do and how to do it.
It begins with the simple "Just a note to say hello."
Here is one that I sent to my client database recently:

Dear Friends and Clients,

Just a quick note to let you know how I can help anyone you may refer to me.
A friend of mine referred a friend of his who had previously taken an adjustable rate mortgage from another lender. Their rate payment would have increased by 3% and $985 per month.
That was not good.

I was able to refinance them into a safe 30 year fixed rate loan with a savings of $475 per month.

So rather than their payment increasing, I was able to decrease their monthly outlay and save them thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Being prepared for the future by getting into a fixed rate now makes sense.

So, if you or anyone you know needs a mortgage professional that will listen to their needs, treat them as a valued client and explore all possibilities to meet their request, please call me.

Thank you,

Jeffrey S. Stanton
Your Personal Mortgage Consultant For Life

"The biggest compliment I can receive is a referral from a client, family member or friend."

The 3 rules to the letter:
Tell your stories.
Keep it simple.
Be consistent.

Let people know all that you do and how you help others.

Make it easy for people to refer you.

When is now the right time for you to take control of your career?

Thanks for spending 3 minutes with me.....
The best is yet to be!

Your Trusted Advisor For Life.
Jeffrey Stanton

You read Jeffrey's Journal every week because you, like me want the best for yourself. And you, like me want to build a strong referral based business.Who else like you, like me loves referrals that you can share this blog with right now?

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