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How do you integrate these 2 new MindShifts, CUSTOMER PERCEPTION and ENTREPRENEURIAL PERCEPTION, into your daily activities?

Dear Friends,

For the past few weeks we've been addressing this question.
What are the 3 commonalities found in those individuals who possess an effective referral based business?

Some people just think differently than others. Choosing the right thoughts and really understanding the power of your thoughts and words is critical.

This week we'll speak to the 3rd MindShift: ACTIVITY FOCUS.

A brief recap:

In the past 15 years I have observed 3 commonalities in thinking or MindShifts shared by those who possess an effective referral business.

Those who possess these commonalities or paradigms often don't even know they have them. But they do. They think differently.
They have an effective referral business that transcends geography, market cycles and time.

They remain at the top of their industry for years. They arenot only more productive, they are happier. They get it.

Business wasn't supposed to rob people of their lives, it was upposed to add meaning.

They think different.

"If you want relatively minor change in your life, focus on changing your behavior or attitude, but if you want quantum significant change, focus on your paradigms."

Focus on how you think.

In this weeks "3 Minute Referral Tip" I will share with you the 3rd Paradigm shift that will effect a quantum increase in your referral business. It's a little "Zen" so you'll have to look carefully or you'll miss the essence.

As I have said before, the subtleties within each of these 3 paradigms often cause the learner to miss the dramatic impact.

It took me years before I saw commonalities in those who I trained and worked with. Then one day I was asked at a seminar "What do those who have an effective referral based
business have in common?'

Boom, it hit! Instantly I came to the realization that they share 3 qualities, commonalities, paradigms, mindshifts. It was like a blinding flash of the obvious.

How could I have not seen it? How did I miss this?

Apparently, I was more focused on what people were doing in common, than HOW they think in common.

For now I want you to embrace the power of your thinking.
Please understand that this has little to do with intelligence or IQ and has more to do with conscious choice and selection.

Here they are:
1. Customer Perception

They manage customer perception as the only reality.
They realize that what uniquely differentiates them from other competitors isn't what they do but rather what others think they do.

2. Entrepreneurial Perception

They see themselves differently as entrepreneurial, or managers of a huge sales organization, and see others not as clients, customers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, or business associates, but as "part-time salespeople" who advocate for them.

3. Activity Focus

They focus on the activity not the outcome. They continually develop and implement the activities that, when done superbly, will greatly improve their referral business within the context of their Deeds, Dialog and Database.

Back to the original question:

How do you integrate these 2 new Paradigms, CUSTOMER PERCEPTION and ENTREPRENEURIAL PERCEPTION, into your daily activities?

Develop and implement a SYSTEM.

We all live in systems. Some we created, most we participate in.

Systems bring us security, they bring order to our lives. We all have general routine systems that we may not be aware of how much comfort and order they bring us.

Do you sleep on the same side of the bed every night?

Get up about the same time every morning?

Have about the same morning routine every day, regardless of the day or the season?

Maybe you have a routine system for weekdays that differs from weekends.

Do you have a routine? This is a system!
Imagine tomorrow you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, get up at a completely different time. Your morning routine of having a cup of coffee, reading, exercising, or watching the weather is gone. Something new and unexpected is happening.
And you're not even on vacation.

How do you feel? Unsettled? A little off? Out of step? Yes, because your system was changed. Systems bring us a pattern of security.
That's my point.

In training we segment our activities into the 3 broad areas of our system of "The 3 D's." Deeds, dialog and database.

What do those who have an effective referral business have in common?

The real value of the 3rd Referral MindShift is not what they do. It is found in how they think about what they do.

Here it is:
They focus on the activity, not the outcome.
Their priorities are their chosen activities.
Their time management is priority management.
They have a system.

They don't let things get in the way of performing their activities.
They have priorities.
That's it!

Those who have an effective referral business perform activities without being attached to the outcome. They don't stop their direct mailing because they didn't get a call this month.

They don't not follow up with a written thank you note because they got busy or because they know they didn't get the client anyway.

They don't not add new people to their database because the market has changed. They focus on what they are doing.

They don't worry if this will work, or that will work.

They designed a system that works and they work the system.

They don't need faith or hope. They have experience that if they perform certain activities superbly well it will have a great impact on their referral business. They focus on the activity,
not the outcome.

They know that not everyone will be their client, but everyone can be their advocate and they treat everyone with that mindset.

How many of you remember the NFL Playoffs with the Dallas Cowboys last year? In the final seconds Dallas had a chance to win. All they had to do is score with a game winning field goal.

The ball was snapped to Tony Roma, the Dallas QB. He fumbled the snap, looking up at the goal posts rather than focusing on the ball causing the field goal kicker to miss the ball, miss the field goal, and lose the game.

Was he focused on the activity or the outcome?

The 3rd Paradigm or Commonality shared by those who have an effective referral business is Activity Focus.

Think about how not being attached to any outcome frees you and those around you....think about it.

Thanks for spending 3 minutes with me...
The best is yet to be!

On Your Team
Jeffrey Stanton

Your Trusted Advisor For Life

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