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Get A Life!

Dear Friends,

The following is taken in part from "Get a Life!: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a High-Speed World" by Jeff Davidson.

How did things get so hectic?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to get a life?"
How often has that notion, or a similar one, come up for you lately? Probably all too frequently.

I'll bet:
Your desk is piled with papers.
You continually find yourself racing the clock.
You are deluged with projects and tasks right now.
If so, you are not alone.

The challenges you face personally are inextricably linked to the challenges faced by our entire culture.

Without question society has sped up. New buildings can be erected in a month. Whole books can be written and published in less than 10 days. Fax machines can transmit pages in seconds and email messages in an instant.

Yet it takes longer to commute to work, longer to shop, and learning new programs, new instructions, and new ways to increase productivity all take their toll.

You already know the pressures you face. What you may not know is that nearly everyone else is feeling the same way. It is a frantic way to exist.

Is it any way to run your life?

The next five "3 Minute Referral Tips" will be a series to help us to live and work more comfortably in a fast paced, high speed world.

I often hear..."I just don't have the time."

Is that true or is it that we don't have clear priorities that we manage within the time we are all given?

So why do some people always get things done?
Answer: They have clear, well defined priorities!

LIFE SAVER #1 - Create a Priority Card

Write, or print, your priorities on a small business size card.
Keep one in your wallet or in your appointment book or in your car.

Read your priorities list as often as you can. If you haven't had a life recently maybe you've lost sight of what's important to you.

Stay focused, laser beam focused, on what's important and you'll soon begin to feel a sense of owning your life again.

Losing track of your priorities is easy. It is essential to understand how we reached our current, hectic state of affairs before we look for solutions. The first step is yours.

Our tip for the week: List your priorities.

Remember, if you have too many priorities you have none!

When you identify what's important in your life, then you're better able to face the demands and challenges that can otherwise steal time away from you. So, let's start by determining your priorities. In a nutshell, priorities are broad elements of life - so broad, that they can become misplaced somewhere within your daily high-wire balancing act.

It's best to make these choices away from your office, desk and other familiar places. Find a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Start by listing everything that is important or that you wish to accomplish.

Hours (even days later) go back and assess your list. Drop the nice, but not crucial items.

Combine any items that are similar in nature. Having too many priorities leads to frustration and despair, similar to what you've got now.

Rewrite, redefine, or restructure any of your choices. If you're not sure of an item, delete it.

Hide your list for another day, then re-review it.

Delete, combine, rethink any items remaining. If something seems less important, drop it.

It's wise to have only a few priorities. If you have too many, you're not likely to respect each of them.

Complete your list, for now - priorities can change. Don't be afraid later to shift things until the list feels completely right for you.

Once a year, New Year's Day or your birthday, do a complete review of your priority list to make sure it meaningfully reflects your changing life.

There are 5 Mega Realties according to renown author Jeff Davidson that are greatly impacting our lives and he will give us a better understand of the world around us and this will
lead us to what we can do to have the time to affect a plan that will increase our referrals and take control of our business and our lives.

Here are the 5 Mega Realities that are greatly impacting our lives today.

1. Population Growth
2. An Expanding Volume of Knowledge
3. Mass Media Growth and Electronic Addition
4. The Paper Trail Culture
5. An Over Abundance of Choices -

Better understanding of these will provide new opportunities. If you are looking to control time, you are out of luck. If you are looking to take control of your life by managing your priorities within the time you are given thereby giving you the adequate time you want, and need, to better build your referral business then you are right on track.

Having clear, well defined, written out priorities will help you live an effective life, on purpose.

Let's make this point up front. If you are stressed out, you're not a lot of fun to be with and your relationships suffer.

Referrals are all about relationships and being more relaxed.

The more relaxed you are, the more able you are to accomplish your desired tasks. A necessary ingredient to the first step of increasing your referrals is to have a less hectic life.

Thanks for spending 3 minutes with me.....
the best is yet to be!

On Your Team.
Jeffrey Stanton
Your Trusted Advisor For Life

One of the fastest ways to build a successful referral based business is by training. Now, with me, I like to invest significant time immersing myself in training, while some people prefer to take it in bite-size chunks. Whatever your preference is, now is the best time to contact me.

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