Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You know you're stressed out when...

Dear Friends,

You know you're stressed out when you come to the sudden realization that everyone around you is an idiot...

This tip is about stress.

One of the first signs of stress is talking back to office equipment.
One of the most definite signs is the awareness that everyone around is nuts.
Of course there is a common denominator, and it isn't the other guy.

We've all done it.

We sometimes get all stressed out when things don't go as planned.

Yelling at the fax machine or computer is just the visible expression of our often hurried lives.

Since these tips serve as an aid to further develop the competencies that contribute to an effective referral business, what can be more important to our own referability than our mental outlook.

I was going through some old notes and found this.

First let me say this.

Stress is cumulative. It doesn't go away with sleep. It adds up, and up and up. You can't wish it away.

Each day we carry yesterday's stress and the days before, and so on.

It doesn't take a medical doctor to see the symptoms and the results of mounting stress, whether it's in the workplace or on the roadways.

Here are 10 ways to relieve and reduce, and even eliminate, stress in our hurried lives which I do believe will make us more referable and easier to do business with.

Ten Ways to Reduce Stress in Our Lives.

1. Set aside a little time each day to recover.
Sleep - Know your body, get what you need
Nutrition - Low fat, low salt, low sugar
Exercise - Punch a bag, workout, stretch
Humor - Laugh 50 times a day, or as often as you can
Music - Play something you like even if it's just a short while
Active/passive rest - Read, pray, sex (not in any order)
Needs fulfillment - Pay attention to your personal needs

2. Don't accept gifts of anger, abuse, and resentment.
What people think of you is none of your business.

3. Make a list for the day. Write things down, the brain is for thinking, not storage.

4. Don't take yourself so seriously, laugh at yourself.

5. Keep your eyes on the prize. Your overall wellness - physically, spiritually. mentally, financially.

6. Learn to say no…"I'd really like to help you but I can't give you the time you deserve, may I find someone else?"

7. Give yourself extra time.

8. Crisis - We are all going into a crisis, are in a crisis, or have just come out of one. All the time. Be gentle with yourself and others, you don't know where they are.

9. You teach people how to treat you by your own behavior.
Watch what you give out, because that's what you get.

10. You can't control others.
You can only control your own behavior and response. Between the stimulus (what happened) and your response is space. The space given to you to choose your response. This gives new meaning to response-ability -- your ability to choose.

I don't remember where these all came from so Ill give credit others.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me each week and I hope the tips have become useful in your enhancing your own referral business.

Thanks for spending 3 minutes with me...
The best is yet to be!

On Your Team
Jeffrey Stanton ITI, CLC, CNE, CSSN, WOW
Your Trusted Advisor For Life

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